Four monsoon mantras for healthy and happy hair

When raindrops come gushing down to kiss the earth and as heavenly scent of wet soil perfuse the air, we know monsoon has arrived. Rains bring with them a soothing feeling, romance and coziness. While you’re immersed in beauty of the monsoon, don’t forget to take care of your precious locks, because your tresses face the real brunt of this season.

Monsoon can cause mayhem for hair as it’s a task to maintain and protect them. Humidity during this season leads to excessive hair fall, dandruff, itchiness, tangles, knots and frizzy hair.

To avoid all this, Indola reveals to you 4 Monsoon Mantras to break free from your hair woes and get rid of bad hair days this monsoon.

Rinse hair when you get wet in rain: Primarily, avoid getting wet in rain. However, if you get wet, rinse your hair with plenty of clean water and most importantly, a mild shampoo. This prevents infection on your scalp and keeps a check on hair fall too.

Beat the frizz: During monsoons, hair tends to get frizzy all the time, which may lead to various hair issues. Nitin Manchanda, renowned hair expert from Indola believes that regular use of shampoo and conditioner is the best way to control any kind of hair damage.

You can apply Indola Innova shampoo and conditioner to hair care regimen as these products protect your hair from any unseen damage caused due to rains.

Use vitamin-based products: Eating fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and drinking lots of water will help you to keep your tresses healthy this season. Along with a healthy diet, stylists at Indola recommend using right products.

Indola’s Innova shampoo is formulated with hydrolysed keratin and hydrolysed soy protein which works in 3-dimensions to actively repair the cuticle, fibre and matrix of each strand for shiny, strong, healthier hair. 

Follow it up with Indola Innova Conditioner with Pro-Vitamin B5 or Indola Innova Treatment that will make your hair tangle-free, strong and protects your hair from any unseen damage caused due to rains. This helps in reviving the natural beauty of damaged hair by repairing, stimulating, and regenerating, giving it a healthy treatment.

Dandruff needs special shampoo: If you’re prone to dandruff, it is important to keep the scalp clean and the only solution is to regularly use a specialized shampoo. This monsoon, sweep away flakes, whilst gently cleansing with Indola’s Innova Dandruff Shampoo.

There is no way to escape monsoon but with a right choice of enriching products, you can definitely escape the consequences and step out to enjoy the rains without any fears.



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