Shingar’s Saubhagya Premium Kumkum

Every traditional Indian woman has a personality that identifies her distinctly and applying kumkum forms an integral part of that personality. The Shingar Saubhagya Premium Kumkum, a brand known synonymously to Indian women for more than 50 years relates itself perfectly with this very identity. It is dermatologically tested and is of absolute premium quality. Rashes, itchiness and white spots on your forehead are avoidable, because unlike other forms of kumkum available in the market, which use chemical based adhesives for sticking, Shingar has always been using natural gum which is 100% skin friendly. In addition, the Saubhagya Premium Kumkum now comes with the added herbal goodness of Almond and Aloe extracts, which has natural anti-bacterial, healing and moisturizing properties.


Women today prefer sticker bindis due to the convenience and ease they offer. However, sticker bindis do not provide the same feel and look as that of an all-natural kumkum and tend to leave spots and marks. Due to this most women are looking towards kumkum as a better option and the Shingar Saubhagya Premium Kumkum is here to change the way you look at kumkums forever. Made with a natural gum that is skin friendly, it is the finest option in comparison to other kumkums and sticker bindis. It gives an instant natural glow to your face making it an ideal choice for all ages and skin types.


Priced at Rs.15/- and made with natural formulations, the Shingar Saubhagya Premium Kumkum is safe for every skin type and available in various cosmetic stores across the country.


Speaking of the Saubhagya Premium Kumkum, Dipika Topiwala, Marketing Head of the Shingar Group, stated, “Our kumkum is dermatologically tested hence we can confidently say that our product is of the best quality. Kumkum is such an important part of an Indian woman’s life as it is worn as a sign of Saubhagya and is integral to our Indian culture. We use natural ingredients while making the Shingar Saubhagya Premium Kumkum, which is why it is safe for every skin type and can be used on a regular basis. So go natural and choose Shingar.”


About Shingar:

Established in 1961, the Shingar group has over the last 50 years been at the cutting edge of the cosmetics industry in India. The foundation of Shingar’s success is based on its core values of strict adherence to the highest quality standards, continuous investment in R&D to create innovative products that meet the current needs of the women and delight her enhancing her options of using just the right make up for each occasion.



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