OSIM introduces ‘uDivine S’ massage chair

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, OSIM India introduces uDivine S massage chair that satisfies the desires of your well-being. uDivine S is an intelligent and precise massage system based on the human body contours, combined with a strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection. The massage chair delivers the pleasures of relaxing body massage for your overall well-being.


Escape everyday stress and be welcomed to a new world of relaxation. Relieve tension and aches in neck and shoulder, relax your thighs, hips and butt, instant relief for arms, hands and palms and rejuvenate tired calves, ankles and feet. The uDivine S satisfies your body’s specific needs with a variety of functions and offers an ultimate bliss of massage with the 4 different steps:


Kneading massage: this program provides an enjoyable massage to loosen up tense, knotted muscles along with the spine.


Tapping: regulates circulation and tenderises stiff muscles with a percussive massage action similar to the massage experts fists.


Dual (Knead + Tap): a unique combination of kneading and tapping massaging actions.


Full/Partial Rolling: roll away strains and aches up and down and relieves stress and soothes aches with a targeted massage on specific areas of the back.


The uDivine S satisfies the desires of your well-being and refreshes you all day. It soothes common pain points in a few minutes and is effective in eliminating fatigue and stiffness on the neck and shoulders. It gives you a quick compact and full-body massage that needs only 5-10 minutes to provide the much needed relief. 


Therapeutic relief, precise and soothing solutions for specific needs. Relax, works on overall physical tension to relax tight muscles. Energise intense 3D massage to stimulate and invigorate body and mind. Deep Tissue, Intense massage to relieve body tension and knots. Lifestyle essentials, restore balance and well-being through the day. Wake the body and mind for a healthy and productive day ahead with the uDivine S massage chair. After a hectic day, it prepares the body and mind for a restful good night's sleep. Anti-Stress, relax the body andmind for better daily well-being. Customised suite, satisfy unique desires of the body and mind.


The uDivine S massage chair is an intelligent design with plenty to admire, with a touch of a button, retract the leg massage unit under the seat for more living space. You can enjoy complete control of the uDivine S from a sleek and user-friendly controller with a large and easy-to-read and colour-rich LCD display. Backrest adjustment stops upon detection of any object on its bottom panel and enhance your full-body massage experience as you relax in style on the luxurious plush upholstery. This massage chair comes equipped with intelligent shoulder detection sensors that ensures you benefit from the full curative effect of the most personalised massage. 


The specifications of the uDivine S, Model-OSIM uDivine S, Model No. OS-833:

Power consumption 220W (maximum): auto timer, approx. 5/10/15 minutes and reclining angle, 113-153 degrees.


The dimensions are upright, 73(W)x118(L)x117(H) cm; reclined 73(W)x205(L)x86(H)cm and net weight, approx. 94 kg.


The uDivine S massage chair complies with safety and quality standard of international certifications board,  safety test low voltage directive 2006/95/EC under EN standards, electromagnetic compatibility EMC directive 2004/108/EC EEC under EN standards and safety test for household and similar electrical appliances under GB standards. 


The uDivine S massage chair is priced at Rs. 3, 49,000/-.


For further information please log on: www.osim.com


About OSIM India:


OSIM India (A division of Paramount Surgimed Limited) was established in September 2004, under the guidance of Shaily Grover, who has been a visionary in the lifestyle and health care field and has over 25 years of experience. OSIM India offers a wide range of full body massage chairs, foot massagers, back massagers, hand held massagers and massaging and toning belts. Under his able leadership, OSIM India has shown a remarkable growth.



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