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User Name venurasuri
First Name venu
Last Name rasuri
Phone No. 9820093844
Address mumbai,india
City mumbai
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Country india


Hi,  this is VenuRasuri. I am  a freelance fashion photographer based Mumbai, India.

Well, to tell about me and my photography. I never thought that I will be a photographer or  it was my aim first, but from my childhood I was always interested in art like painting,  music etc…and I am a technical person too from my childhood I used to repair all kinds of toys, remote cars. My dad always thought I will become a mechanical engineer or something. It's funny if I remember those days,  at my young age I deiced to do some thing related to arts, but I don’t know the ways and the approaches. I was in my 12th grade  when i came to know that there is a course in photography. That was the time when I first decided to take up that course after my 12th. I used to stay in college hostel away from my parents in 12th and when  my dad came to see me one fine day  and we went to a  some restaurant I told him that I wanted to join photography course after my 12th. He asked if i am sure about the decision and gave me his full support about what i wanted to do.



 Then I completed my graduation in photography and worked as a freelance photographer in Hyderabad itself for a while. Later when i decided that i was passionate towards fashion photography, I shifted to Mumbai to make my career. Mumbai has been treating me good, I met some good models and photographers.  I LOVE FASHION


Now i am working as a freelance photographer based in Mumbai, I still have a long way to go ahead and fulfill my dermas ……..






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