Archana Rao

New-Gen Designer
ID 9952
User Name archanarao
First Name Archana
Last Name Rao
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Frou Frou by Archana Rao is characterized by attention to detail,quality and beauty in subtle design. Established in 2011, Frou Frou by Archana Rao was launched in Spring/Summer of 2012.
The style seems like a combination of vintage, androgyny and japanese aesthetics. The designer perennially uses somber colors with a play of a contrast tones, generating a minimalistic style with bold undertones. The knowledge of both menswear and womenswear is beautifully moulded into the designer's preoccupation with sartorial details, where we leverage feminine styling with masculine detailing. The brand believe that every design should have a purpose so we make clothes that are wearable, useful and efficient.
The designer caters to markets in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai.
The concept is inspired by a basic family’s clothes line, each family has their own personality and when you notice their everyday laundry you see how the items are so diverse but sychronised at the same time. From the father’s classic gingham shirt to the mothers rosy handkerchief - This collection explores the various combinations that this versatitilty can offer.



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