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Mango Pickles

Mango Pickles believes in a life left of centre, a life beyond the ordinary;all that is happy, all that is carefree and all that is different. Sunglasses are no longer just mere eyewear at Mango Pickl... >>Read More

Maui Jim launches Frigate

Maui Jim the makers of the world’s clear non-glass sunglass lenses introduces Frigate, an exciting new rimless sunglass that will make a sophisticated style statement. Just as frigate birds are know... >>Read More

Red Sands: Maui Jim’s new collection offers both gravity and spunk to your style

This summer, polarized sunglass maker Maui Jim is heating up the shelves with a new range of vibrant, versatile and lightweight unisex sunglasses collection, Red Sands that can be carried with élan i... >>Read More

Sunglasses with a twist

FabAlley.com has introduced a super hot and stylish way to keep your peepers safeguarded against the summer heat with amazing new sunglasses. Work every outfit with a stylish and different pair of sun... >>Read More

Maui Jim’s new sunglasses will make you feel light as a bird

This summer, Maui Jim’s new ultra-light design ‘Frigate’, provides complete protection against the summer glare and UV radiation, while making you feel as light as a bird!   Named after a sea... >>Read More

Cliff House, a fresh new aviator style from Maui Jim to cool the summer glare

The comfortable classic aviator shape is back with a bang. This time, in a modified, trendier avatar in Maui Jim’s latest offering, ‘Cliff House’. Inspired by the cliff house located at the top... >>Read More

Maui Jim launches Venus Pools, a versatile style for women

They work hard, they party harder, they love to travel, and have a distinct taste for fashion and style; but they do not desire to compromise on comfort! The women of today want the best of everything... >>Read More

Maui Jim introduces KEANAE, one of the lightest sunglasses

Adding to its collection of five PureAir™ styles that feel like ‘pure air’, Maui Jim, introduces ‘Keanae’, one of the lightest sunglasses. Keanae features Maui Jim’s MauiPure™ lenses, th... >>Read More

Maui Jim educates people about health benefits of sunglasses

Ask a random person in India about the need for sunglasses and many would admit they wear the accessories just to add to their glamour quotient; some would cite the summer glare and many would even sh... >>Read More

Turn sober yet elegant with Maui Jim’s winter collection

Winter is here and warm clothes in darker colours and dresses that trap your body heat inside are desirable.    So, if you are looking for accessories to blend effortlessly with your winter wear c... >>Read More



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