Seiko Kinetic Perpetual Auto Relay ‘The watch that remembers’

The Kinetic Perpetual caliber is vivid proof of Seiko’s mastery of energy management in watchmaking. As in every Kinetic caliber, the wearer’s movement powers the watch, but, with Kinetic Perpetual, this energy is conserved in a uniquely practical way.


If the watch is unworn, it puts itself into sleep mode and remembers the exact time and date for up to four years. As soon as it is picked up again, it wakes up and automatically restarts to the correct time and date including leap years until February 2100. 


With this technology, your body movement converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. So when you move, you give life to time! The rotor spins at 100,000 rpm, or 5 times faster than a Formula One engine to generate electricity from Kinetic energy, thus the watch never requires a battery change.


The Kinetic technology is a platform, like mechanical and quartz. Seiko unveiled its first Kinetic prototype at the 1986 Basel Fair. Since then, Seiko Kinetic has become synonymous with environmental friendliness, high performance and long- lasting convenience.


Kinetic Perpetual is the pinnacle of Seiko’s unique Kinetic achievement and is already greatly loved by many, all over the world, for its convenience and precision.


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