Pick the right goggles to beat the heat

by Dr. Sanjay Dhawan, Director, Ophthalmology, Fortis Healthcare

Considered as fashion accessory, the sunglasses are not just a style statement, it’s an essential tool to protect the eyes from intense heat of summer. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in summer wreaks havoc on eyes causing severe eye ailments. The heat and humidity affect the sensitive texture of eyes, increasing the chances of eye infection resulting in reduced vision or vision loss.

Hence it's important to know what kind of light you need to protect your eyes from and what type of light is not necessarily harmful.

Tips of picking non prescription right sunglasses

Check to make sure your sunglass lenses are perfectly matched in colour and free of distortion and imperfection. As most of the people believe that darker sunglasses provide better protection, but that opt is not necessarily the case. To protect eyes from intense heat always go for sunglasses which covers whole eye and block both UVA and UVB radiation. The lens tint should block 80 percent of transmissible light but no more than about 90 percent of light, or it will be hard for you to see.

The most essential point of a sunglass lens to check with is how much UV radiation it absorbs. In terms of absorption the Gray-colour lense is the considered to be the best to reduce the light intensity without altering the colour of objects. It provides the most natural colour vision. Neutral gray, amber, brown, and green are good colours to choose from.

In addition to UV protection, also check the optical quality of the lenses. You can easily test the quality of sunglasses by looking at something with a rectangular pattern, such as a floor tile. Hold the glasses at a comfortable distance and cover one eye. Move the glasses slowly from side to side, then up and down. If the lines stay straight, the lenses are fine. If the lines wiggle, especially in the centre of the lens, try another pair.

Although there is no lens which is unbreakable, but plastic lenses are less likely to shatter when hit by a ball or stone. Polycarbonate plastics, used in many sports sunglasses, are best option but it can have scratches easily. So, if you buy polycarbonate lenses, choose ones with a scratch-resistant coating.

Use protective eyewear instead of sunglasses for hazardous activities. If you are going to be engaged in outdoor activities like water or snow skiing that put your eye at risk for injury, don't count on your eyeglasses for protection. Protective eyewear is available with UV protection to shield your eyes from sunburn and glare.

Once you have the right sunglasses, make sure you wear them, especially in the summer when UV levels are at least three times higher than in the winter. Also be sure to wear them when participating in winter sports, particularly at high elevations.

All sunglasses must meet impact standards set by the FDA for safety.



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