Monsoon tips by Dr. Aparna Santhanam

Posted in: Feature Stories on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 13:10

Getting wet in the rains cannot be avoided all the time, but what you can avoid is the dryness and hair fall caused due to the same. Follow a ritual of 20 minutes deep conditioning treatment with hot coconut based hair oil this monsoon. This is a perfect solution to fight against the friziness and limpness caused due to the increased moisture in the air

Avoid getting any kind of chemical treatments on your hair during monsoons. The chemicals used on your hair react adversely to the rain water leading to severe damage

Since hair is made of protein, ensure that you maintain a balanced protein diet. A portion of good seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals and coconut water in your diet, must be included.

Try and pull together your hair in a soft band rather than using any metallic clips as they tend to break your hair.

Once in a week, treat your hair with some natural ingredients. Mix two eggs, curd, juice of half lemon and few drops of honey and spread it evenly in your hair, starting from root to tip. Wash it off after half an hour, to get a smooth and manageable texture.