Season’s most daring trend, Neon by Bhavya Chawla, Fashion Stylist,

Posted in: Feature Stories on Thursday, 29 August 2013 12:03

Neon is this season’s biggest trend. This eye catching trend of Neons can be seen everywhere, from apparels, shoes, bags to even as nail paints, lip colors etc. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts of the NEON trend:

Neon, not for everyone

NEON seems a little scary to wear. You have to choose the color that looks good on you and style them properly. Less is more! You don't have to wear all neon or people may get a headache. Lesser doses create a bigger impact and will make you look chic, trendy and stylish.

Match your neons

One color of Neon can work well and look great with another neon if you do it right.  The best way to do this is by wearing smaller doses and letting the attention graduate from being more dominant to lesser dominant. For example, wearing a top with little neon on it and teaming it with a hairband, bag or sandals in contrast neon.

Avoid doing all neons

White or beige wardrobe neutral colors blend very well and can look great with neon because it gives a good background for the neon. Wear some neon colored top with white or beige pants or vice versa.

Go for n eon accessories

Match your neon green nail polish to your neon green striped top. Get some neon sling bags, shoes with some bright stripes on them or even some neon leggings. In fact, accessories are the better way than the clothing to try the daring trend and adapt it gradually.

Feel neon

Neon means fluorescent, bright and happy. If you are going to wear neon, you will instantly feel energetic and happy.

Most importantly, be confident and smile.