GAIA launches Crunchy Diet Muesli in a variety of Packaging options to select from The healthy breakfast to kick start your day

With festivities around the corner,the pressure is up for all of us to look our best. This is where the weight concerns kick in. But the problem arises when we resort to unhealthy practices like going on crash diets and skipping meals, especially breakfast, probably the most important meal of the day. It’s an illusion that doing so helps in quicker weight loss. Instead, such practices lead to an increase in the frequency of food cravings and major mood swings. What’s worse, giving in to these cravings result in gaining rather than losing weight.

To look and feel one’s best this season, the main goal should be shedding the extra pounds without compromising on the daily nutritional requirement of the body. Having a healthy breakfast like Gaia Crunchy Diet Muesli is a great step towards achieving this goal. It is a delightful mix of rolled oats, wheat flakes and bran with no added sugar. Mixed with milk, curd or orange juice, it makes for a well-balanced meal rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein. It keeps one feeling full for longer and helps improve the metabolic rate of the body. The cholesterol lowering and blood pressure regulating effects of muesli makes it healthy for the heart as well. One can also enjoy Gaia crunchy diet muesli as a delicious healthy snack to help satisfy the untimely food cravings.

Gaia Crunchy Diet Muesli is available in three pack sizes- 30gm, 425gm and 1kg priced at Rs.15/-, Rs.170/- and Rs.360/- respectively. Available at all leading stores and pharmacies across India.

 About Gaia:                                                         

Gaia is the Greek name for the Goddess of the Earth, a fitting name for a brand that brings the health secrets of the Earth. The products are gleaned from Nature at its deepest, most potent level, in the form of ingredients with almost miraculous healing properties, which help arrest our bodies’ inevitable decline with the onset of age. Best of all, these are time-tested for their being entirely natural have only positive effects without any undesirable side-effects, each with its own special healing and nurturing magic.



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