Astaberry Body Lotion

Astaberry Biosciences London, in technical collaborations with Bhimsaini, a 50 year old company with proven mastery of Ayurveda, researched, conceptualized and set to launch world class Astaberry Body Lotion under GMP certification.

Emollient with Almond oil and Honey Astaberry Body Lotion makes your skin soft and tender. It removes excessive dryness from skin surface and hydrates the skin.  It also helps in healing marks and spots as it is enriched with Aloe Vera to make your complexion glow. It has lovely fragrance in addition.

Unlike other imported brand, Astaberry Body Lotion is very decently priced just at Rs.40/-only in 100ml attractive tube pack so that anyone can enjoy the benefit of this world class product.

Aryanveda Moisturizers

ARYANVEDA brand has been conceptualized and developed after years of extensive research on Herbs and their power to improve the skin’s well being by a leading herbal beauty product manufacturing company Aryanveda Herbals. In its latest series the company has recently launched a range of Moisturizers in technical association with Waves Laboratories, Baltimore, USA.

A unique revolutionary herbal formula Aryanveda Moisturizers range include Aryanveda Hand & Body Lotion moisturizing emollient with Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Honey and Olive Oil is ideal for Normal to Dry Skin & Aryanveda cooling non-greasy moisturizer with Natural Sunscreen and extracts of Cucumber, Melon & Sweet Cherry is suitable for oily and Acne prone skin.

Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion softens and moisturizes the skin and further enhances moisture retention capacity of the skin. Cucumber & Melon non greasy moisturizer, specially developed for oily skin, is easily absorbed in the skin. Along with moisturizing it helps in maintaining the oil balance of the skin.

Unlike other imported brand, Aryanveda Moisturizers is decently priced, Aryanveda Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion moisturizing emollient and Aryanveda Cucumber & melon Moisturizer are priced at Rs.85/- in 100 ml packed in attractive jar and is available at all leading stores across the country.

Boss In Motion Edition III

HUGO BOSS introduces BOSS in Motion III (Black), the third special limited edition from the BOSS in Motion family, which explores the journey of physical achievement. The new fragrance will inspire the senses, mind, and body to taste victory. With a fresh burst of citrus, the warmth of tobacco and the sparkling side of ginger, BOSS in Motion Edition III is dynamic, fresh and energetic and will be available only for a limited period.

BOSS In Motion Edition III – The Man:

The BOSS in Motion man strives for the best. He’s one of life’s winners. With his perennial optimism and self-assurance, this man uses his strength and ability to focus – in order to prepare, execute and then celebrate his success with masculinity. Also he is a modern man with an eye for style and design, appreciating physical beauty, strength and energy in people and in the objects that surround him.

BOSS in Motion’s Journey To Win – The History:

The journey began with Boss in Motion (Original in 2002), which set the tempo of the circuit to be physical achievement by pushing the body to win the race. BOSS in Motion Edition I(Blue) in 2004 then pushed the boundaries beyond the race and BOSS in Motion Edition II (Green) in 2005 took us back to the starting line. It concentrated on the amplified thumping of the heartbeat from pre-race adrenalin, the tension, and the mental and physical focus that the challenge of winning demands. This year BOSS in Motion Edition III (Black) will take you to the end of this journey, emphasizing the final straight, the rush to the finish to win the race, the extreme tension in reaching your final goal and victory.

BOSS In Motion Edition III- The Fragrance

Like the man, the BOSS in Motion Edition III scent is dynamic, with a accord of tobacco and vanilla cooled by the sparkling side of ginger. It stretches beyond the limits and inspires the achievement of the highest personal performance. It is the ‘rush to the finish’.
Its offers the ultimate exaltation of the senses with its opening burst of citrus freshness. Tones of kumquat deliver a radiating bright breath of freshness to a citrus top note constructed of bergamot and grapefruit.

In the heart, the cool spiciness of cardamom and ginger lead to the transparent, marine- like facets of a blue lotus accord and embedded in aromatic sage.

The base is the exquisite and soft nuances of the tobacco-vanilla blend, enhancing the fragrance’s masculine woody character. It is mellowed down by the warm notes of myrrh and sandalwood, expressing a charismatic and self-assured masculinity.

BOSS In Motion Edition III- The Bottle and Packaging

The Bottle for this new edition has the same sleek and modern simplicity of the BOSS in Motion “ball” bottle but in a new metallic black colour which is both fresh and modern reflection the masculinity of the scent inside. The signature orange stripe projects dynamism and energy.

The carton is holistic and sophisticated. It is incredibly distinctive with its contrast of metallic orange and black, making it a must-have for all limited edition collectors- amongst both BOSS in Motion aficionados and newcomers to BOSS.

Femme de Montblanc

To the tribute of its centenary anniversary, Montblanc is launching a new fragrance, bottled in a specially commissioned new cut diamond. An oriental floral fragrance, it is classically elegant and captivatingly feminine the ideal choice for special moments when a woman wants to feel glamorous, luxurious and delectable; Montblanc presents Femme de Montblanc.

Montblanc has long been admired by discerning women for its luxury accessories and finest writing instruments and the new Femme de Montblanc fragrance is testimony to the craftsmanship that is synonymous with the brand.  Inspired by an evening at the theatre, the perfumer has recreated the seductive and powerful combination of two contrasting fragrances worn by two fellow spectators seated in close vicinity.  Femme de Montblanc captures the opulence of the evening in one warm, modern, perfectly balanced scent, subtly combines the depth and sensuality of gourmand notes with the vibrancy of mouth watering fruits.                      

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Montblanc a specially commissioned new cut of diamond has been created.  The Montblanc Diamond took eight years to develop and has brought the world a sparkling new gem of 43 facets and was inspired by the apex of Europe’s tallest mountain as a symbol of excellence and reflects the height of the Montblanc standard for quality.  The bottle of Femme de Montblanc takes inspiration from the distinctive diamond cut of the Montblanc Diamond.  This exclusive cut of diamond is otherwise found in ‘The 100 Years limited editions’ of watches and writing instruments. The amethyst blush of Femme de Montblanc echoes its regal presence, as the luxurious bottle would sit elegantly on a discerning lady’s dressing table. The Femme de Montblanc character is a woman who is strong, intelligent and sensitive, and who appreciates the finer details in life. She understands that thoughtful personal touches create precious and lasting memories.

Montblanc Famous Heritage, 2006 is a landmark year of note for the world’s most famous name in luxury writing instruments, as it celebrates its centenary year. From the vision of three perfectionists; August Eberstein, Alfred Nehemias, and Claus Johannes Voss whom developed a pen that didn’t need dipping, a surprising revolution, that has developed today into a luxury brand that spans the globe. It has diversified into many ventures such as watches, jewellery and fragrances. Reflected in Femme de Montblanc the heart of the brand has been for the last 100 years, and will continue to be, the culture of discerning craftsmanship and innovation.



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