Now a camera for women to flaunt, Olympus VH-520

Olympus Imaging India Private Limited, one of the world’s leaders in opto-digital technology, launched the stylish, compact and portable VH-520 digital camera. One of it’s new releases under the stylus range, it reiterates what the Olympus Imaging India managing director has said about a camera being a family product and a style statement, not just a gizmo for geeks.

The VH-520 features a point and shoot facility and includes iHS, a cutting-edge technology that combines the powerful TruePic image processor, a 14MP CMOS sensor to realize intelligent, high-speed and high-sensitivity performance (this is what ‘iHS’ stands for) along with a 20x super resolution zoom for capturing fantastic details at a distance. It has a lens that can zoom 10x with high clarity and minimal blur to capture memorable moments and moving objects.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kenichiro Mori,  managing director Olympus Imaging India Private Limited, commented, “This launch is mainly focused to keep with our core product strategy of combining style with technology”, thus justifying the stylishness and the colour variants of the VH-520 digital camera.

The camera is not only chic but also features an advanced multi-motion Movie Image Stabilization, which allows you to take distortion-free movies when recording 1080p full HD videos. Among the other features, the camera is known for its high quality pictures and magic filters which add oomph value to the pictures and movies.

The large 3” screen display for easy framing, captures razor-sharp photographs by taking multiple images at different exposure settings, which is possible only because of a hand-held starlight mode along with flash. The camera also features advanced face detection, tagging upto 8 faces and the AF Tracking device which helps memorise subjects when they are out of the frame and resume tracking once it reappears. The camera is thus ideal for capturing that elusive smile, that first word and that feeling of love, which can then be cherished forever.


Image Stabilisation:
This function helps to avoid image blur and shake caused when the camera is moved even a little while capturing a picture. It has a sensor, which detects camera movement and adjusts the image sensor or lens accordingly.

iHS Technology:
iHS stands for intelligence, high-speed and high-sensitivity performance.

The iHS processor helps deliver better quality pictures with less noise for improved image detailing, especially in low-light situations. The iHS technology makes sure you capture exactly the shot you want. Like iAuto, that automatically selects high-sensitivities for blur-free photos at night. The CMOS Sensor is ideal for capturing indoor and night scenes as it delivers excellent images in low light, with less noise and more detail in dark areas. The TruePic V processor powers rapid autofocus and a start-up time in split seconds that helps you capture beautiful shots whenever you are ready.

Full HD with Multi Motion Movie IS:
This feature helps shoot blur free videos in Full HD. Normally while walking and recording, blur canruina video, but with Multi-Motion Movie IS, it is possible to counteract blurring even with long shots. It is just what you need for making dynamic, spontaneous movies when you’re on the move and invariably don’t have a tripod to hand.

Starlight Shooting Mode:
With a single press of the shutter button, multiple continuous images are taken at high speed. The images are then precisely overlapped to form a vivid night scene image with minimal shadows and noise. Starlight Shooting Mode also allows the use of flash while clicking pictures. With a flash light to the person, beautiful photography is possible when shooting both night scenes and low light photographs.

Magic Filters:
The popular Magic Filter offers 8 different filters to choose from. They are Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Sparkle, Reflection, Miniature and Dramatic.

Beauty Make up Mode:
This mode helps users to look prettier by applying the desired makeup effect to up to three people at the same time almost instantly, before even capturing the image. This function offers a full range of 18 different makeup effects that are designed to and will surely make the ladies veryhappy. In a menu screen designed to be similar to a cosmetic palette, effects such as blush, eye shadow, false eyelashes, and eye color and sizes can be changed and applied easily.

About Olympus Imaging India Pvt. Ltd.:
Olympus Imaging India Pvt. Ltd. was established in November 2010 and is owned subsidiary of the Olympus Imaging Corp. & Olympus Corporation into the primary business of manufacture and sales of precision machineries and instruments. The headquarters for the India subsidiary are based out of Mumbai.

In India, as in all parts of the world, Olympus is guided by its global corporate philosophy of placing utmost importance on its relationships with individuals by adopting ‘Social IN-Working with Society to Develop a Better Future’, a philosophy which embraces social values as an essential part of the company’s business ideology.

Further, the tagline "Your Vision, Our Future" embodies the company’s determination to realize dreams in a close bond with society while coexisting in harmony.

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Olympus Twitter: @OlympusproIndia



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