Marshmallow is Urban Intelligent Function and Form in a compact package

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The Samsonite Travel Marshmallow, a revolutionary new luggage design presented by the world’s leading luggage brand Samsonite is set to hit Indian shores.


Focusing on the realities of modern air travel, the Samsonite Travel Marshmallow’s unique, organic, minimalistic design is a refreshing contrast to the structural predictabilities of modern luggage design. Its unique shape easily stands out against other less aesthetically considered luggage. However the Marshmallow’s shape is not purely a form factor. For the new Samsonite Travel Marshmallow, function is subtly blended into form as the Marshmallow is designed not just as compact carry-on rolling tote, but also meant to be a ergonomic and sturdy seat for travellers to rest their tired legs in crowded airport terminals, or even between sites on their packed travel itineraries. It is a definite boon to travelling families with children. The Marshmallow easily supports the weight of a seated adult and is designed to retain its shape so as not to compress the items stored within.


Built for durability, the innovative product comprises an aluminum frame case with key lock for extra security. The compact design still retains 


Samsonite’s trademark cavernous interior and generous storage space. With the modern travellers’ requirements in mind, the Marshmallow boasts of a comprehensive and feature filled interior, which comes with an organization pocket and multi-mesh pockets for better packing, as well as tablet and laptop sleeves for the indispensable gadgets that have become synonymous with modern travel. 


It comes in astriking urbanpalette of vibrant colors, including electric blue, fuchsia, sunset orange, charcoal and vivid green, to reflect the travellers’ personalities and to ensure that it is a breeze picking up the Marshmallow from a sea of black and grey luggage.


Price available on request.




Samsonite, created in 1910 by entrepreneurial Colorado native Jesse Shwayder, is the world’s leading luggage brand. Inspiring travel world-wide, Samsonite helps global travelers to cover miles and create memories with revolutionary travel solutions. Preserving the brands longstanding history of breakthroughs in research and development, Samsonite has embedded its place at the forefront of the travel world with a number of industry firsts. 


Showing commitment to innovation, the unique hard side collections made with the revolutionary Curv® material and the soft side ranges created with Advanced Hybrid Technology™ (AHT) join a wide spectrum of business, casual and personal accessory products in upholding Samsonite’s position as a market leader and trendsetter. Remembering past triumphs but always looking forward, Samsonite maintains a worldwide vision that continues to enable the traveler to travel further, with always lighter, stronger and innovative products at his side. 


Samsonite continually invests in new ways to engage and connect with global travelers. An active YouTube channel and a travel app provide a wealth of resources, connectivity and entertainment for 

today’s on-the-go travelers. By identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of world travelers’ needs, Samsonite plays a pivotal role in the multi-faceted lives of the global traveler.


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