Arbaaz Khan and Mahesh Bhupathi shave their stubble on the Delhi Metro

Men gave into their women’s WOES (Women oppose evening stubble,a report launched by Malaika Arora Khan and Neha Dhupia in Mumbai in early November) by coming aboard the Gillette Evening Express on the Delhi Metro to shave off their evening stubble. This was led by popular actor and director Arbaaz Khan and ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi. In support were seen, Bollywood beauties Chitrangada Singh and Neha Dhupia cheering the men till they took their last stroke to the clean shaven look.

After shaving in the Gillette Evening Express, Arbaaz Khan and Mahesh Bhupathi went on to urge the local lads from New Delhi to shave in the evenings stating that “Shaving not only enables a man to look and feel their best but it is also the nicest way to make your women feel special.” Once the men agreed to shave in the evenings as well, women called off their protest displaying the ‘Just shaved’ boards.

Neha Dhupia and Chitrangada Singh thanked Arbaaz Khan and Mahesh Bhupathi for their efforts to shave in the evenings too and their continued commitment to the campaign saying, “We are extremely delighted that Arbaaz and Mahesh have decided to be clean shaven in the evenings too and have urged men across the nation to do the same thing. This small gesture of shaving on the Delhi Metro ‘Gillette Evening Express’ makes women feel special and expresses love and gratitude for all the effort she takes to be groomed all the time. The Gillette Express Evening Shave is a true testament to how our protest against evening stubble has paid off!”

When women from across the country started protesting against evening stubble in early November,  Gillette came forward with a best in class solution by introducing the new Gillette Fusion Gamer -  Gillette’s best shaving technology with a 5 blade suspension that allows men in India to experience the most comfortable shave at an affordable price of Rs 299/-. So now men will no longer have an excuse to not shave both in the morning and evening.


In support of the movement, Arbaaz Khan who was convinced to shave in the Gillette Evening Express with a Gillette Fusion Gamer razor said; “If being clean shaven in the evening makes Malaika feel special, I will definitely ensure I am clean shaven before I spend time with her in the evening. The Gillette Fusion Gamer, Gillette’s best in shaving technology  is so gentle on skin it makes it easier for us men to shave both in the morning and evenings and even on the train back home! It leaves us with no excuse not to shave twice a day. I also feel that if 92% of women in Delhi  prefer their man to be clean shaven in the evening too, men should definitely be clean shaven not just for someone else but also because being well groomed makes one feel good about oneself.”

Furthermore, Mahesh Bhupathi who also agreed to shave aboard the Gillette Evening Express said; “Being a sports person I am aware of the connection between being well groomed and the level of confidence it gives. Out in the field, our performance is directly linked to how a player feel about themselves and how the people they love feel about them. If shaving in the evening makes my wife happy and feel special, it’s bound to make me feel good and give me confidence that will reflect in my performance on the field. I urge all sportsmen to shave in the mornings as well as in the evenings.”

Chitrangada Singh on the other hand strongly felt that, “It is an extremely proud moment for all Indian women that our protest against evening stubble was finally heard and answered. It was great to see that men have finally given in to our needs and decided to shave in the evenings as well. It was wonderful to see how our demands were met with Arbaaz and Mahesh leading male commuters in the Delhi metro to an evening shave before they meet their women.”

Actor Neha Dhupia said, “I believe that being well groomed is an absolute necessity for men and women alike and if we can make the effort to look good for our men then we would only expect the same from them. Evenings are specifically important to us because that is the time our men spend with us. I hope that now men all over India like these men on the Gillette Evening Express in the Delhi Metro will now shave before they go back home to their wives or partners.

Neha Dhupia and Chitrangada Singh substantiated their protest with stubble by stating the survey results from the Nielsen India study.

The study claimed that:

•    92% of women in Delhi  prefer their husband / boyfriend to be clean shaven in the evening too
•    85% of women in Delhi find men less attractive at night because of evening stubble
•    73% of women in Delhi  feel special when their husband / boyfriend shaves for them in the evening
•    74% of women in Delhi  feel that a clean shaven man makes a date night more romantic
•    67% of women in Delhi  feel more secure if their husband / boyfriend was always clean shaven
•    85% of women in Delhi  want their husband / boyfriends face to be as smooth at night, as it is in the morning

Post the launch of the WOES (Women Oppose Evening Stubble) report by Malaika Arora Khan and Neha Dhupia in Mumbai in early November. The movement was taken forward in Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Indore and Kolkata since then, which inspired the women all over the nation to join this women’s protest against their partners evening stubble. People from all walks of life, namely Dipika Pallikal and Chitrangadha Singh among others in different parts of the country have come forward in support of this protest against men’s evening stubble.

The WOES survey was conducted among 1500 people of which 1000 were women and 500 were men in 10 Indian cities; namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Nagpur and Lucknow. The survey was undertaken to understand the impact of the evening stubble on the level of intimacy shared by a couple and revealed startling insights like 92% of women in Delhi  prefer their Husband / Boyfriend to be clean shaven in the evening too. Women were asked to join the “Women Oppose Evening Stubble” movement by following the ‘Shave or Crave’ mandates if their men didn’t shave.



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