Celebrate Monsoon with Organic Bliss

Joybynature.com celebrates its one year of bringing wellness to people’s doorsteps through its natural and organic products catering to beauty, health, food and lifestyle.


Here comes the time of the year when can move out of the house without bearing the scorching heat. But along with joy of sweet smell of mud, beautiful colored rainbows, greenery and raindrops comes a fear of taking care of our skin in humid and wet rainy season. Joybynature.com serves as a one-stop destination for all monsoon problems.


This monsoon, indulge in the refreshing breeze from the solace of nature which provides solution to hair care, skin care, eye care and foot care. Feel the goodness of luscious strawberry, juicy mangoes, soothing lavender, aloe vera, rosemary all meticulously sourced and recreated in convenient, modern forms in an exotic range of body lotions, body butters, shampoos, creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturisers, face wash, wellness products and more, all your body, hair and skin needs this season. To deal with monsoon muddle have a look at the following solutions in each category:


Hair care: Rains bring along some problems to our beautiful locks of hairs. There is excessive amount of moisture in the air making our locks look dull, flat, unmanageable and not ready to make an impression. So it’s most important to pamper our hair gently.   


‘Iraya’ brings to you Fruit & Honey shampoo for normal to dry hair. With fresh papaya juice, extracts of apples, grapes and organic honey this fragrant shampoo cleanses and nourishes the scalp and adds lustre and shine to hair. Honey adds rich nutrition and natural fruit juices add vitamins and protein to promote strong, healthy, lustrous hair.

MRP: Rs. 345/-

Size: 150 ml

Special Price: Rs. 299/- at Joybynature.com till 31stJuly 2014.


Skin care: Green Herbs Gel by ‘Avera Essentials’ is made from fresh certified organic whole leaf ALOE VERA juice. It is thickened naturally with green tea and hibiscus; the gel tightens the skin, improves skin moisture balance, and protects it from drying. The Gel repairs scrape, wound, bite, burn, acne, stretch marks, scars, post-surgical reconstruction, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, eczema, itching skin, sunburned and damaged skin, after shave, and baby rash.

Price: Rs. 275/-.

Size: 50 gms.

Special price: Rs. 245/- at Joybynature.com till 31stJuly 2014


Acne Problem: The high humidity causes sweating, which in turn attracts dirt and dust that build upon the skin's surface. Dirt, pollution makes the skin more prone to pimples and acne. ‘Sattvik’ takes care of acne, which tends to erupt during the monsoons, by bringing Acne Heal combo, which consists of Anti Acne soap and Anti Acne cream. The antiseptic soap is enriched with bergamoth and tea tree oil. It dries excess oil in the skin and heals acne and pimples. Those with acne free skin can also use it as it has the natural cleansing herbs in it rejuvenate and deep cleanse for a smooth and radiant skin. 

MRP of combo: Rs.236/-.

Special price: Rs. 199/- at Joybynature.com till 31st July 2014


Eye care: Spruce up your monsoon look and cheer up your spirits by pampering yourself from the natural extracts of nature. Organic kajals by ‘Soul Tree’ are hand-made and collected from vegetable oil lamps with mixture of organic ghee, natural mineral colours and organic sweet almond oil to make this kohl safe and give it a colour that will highlight your eyes and keep them cool. This hassle free eye makeup comes in trendy colors like true blue, fem green, purple haze, pure black etc. which will go perfectly with the season.

MRP: Rs. 299/-.

Special price: Rs. 275/- at Joybynature.com till 31stJuly 2014.


Foot care: Water logging is common in this season and puddling on wet roads put you at a risk of catching bacterial infection in your feet. ‘Omved’s ‘Tired Foot Soak will rejuvenate and refresh sore and tired muscles with this blissful pampering soak.  Mineral-rich Himalayan pink rock salt is a cleansing agent, drawing out impurities and toxins from the body and relaxing the tissues. 


How to use: Pour 2 tbsp of the foot soak into warm water. Place both legs in it.

Be seated comfortably and soak feet for 15 minutes or until you start to perspire. Pat dry and moisturize. This can be done 2-3 times weekly. If you are suffering from sleeping difficulties, soak just before sleeping. It can also be used as a soak for hands.

MRP: Rs. 300/-.

Size: 100 gms.

Special Price: Rs. 275/- at Joybynature.com till 31st July 2014.


Certified by institutions and societies like USDA Organic, EcoCert, ISO 9000:2008, BDIH, and Indian Organic Society, Joybynature.com features carefully curated products from brands like The Nature’s Co., Vedicline, Aroma Magic, Rustic Art, Soil, Kara, OmVed, Shahnaz Hussain, Sattvik, Tvam Naturals, Iraya, Soul Tree, Khadi Natural, to name a few, which are free of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers with no risk of skin allergies, cancer and other adverse health issues.

Joy by Nature not only provides the consumers a platform to buy fresh organic products but also enables them to get expert advice on leading a healthy lifestyle through their ‘Ask an Expert’ initiative, where anyone can share their problems and know the solution by professional doctors and experts. Know more about the monsoon remedies from the section natural and healthy recipes, natural products benefits and natural lifestyle tips which informs them about how they can benefit by introducing these organic products into their daily routines.  


So go ahead and make people turn heads with your new refreshing look this monsoon! On its successful completion of 1 year, Joybynature.com has come up with special schemes and various enticing offers for all beauty lovers on several chemical free products. To avail offers and discount, visit www.joybynature.com




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