Reid & Taylor brings to India the luxuriant Escorial fabric

Characterized by lustre and fineness, the Escorial wool fabric is being introduced in the country by Reid & Taylor, India’s premier luxury suiting and apparel brand. This luxurious natural fabric is being imported by Reid & Taylor from Scotland to cater to the discerning Indian fabric connoisseurs. 

The rare Escorial fabric is the world's finest naturally grown wool and has been selected from finest fleece measuring 16 micron or finer. The uniqueness of the fabric comes from its natural spiral shape that traps air and lends a remarkable elasticity which results in the fabric being wonderfully light, naturally flexible and stunningly crease resistant. 

Tracing its journey back in history, Escoriol wool is derived from Mahgreb sheep who originated in the mountains of North Africa and later in the 16th century were residents at the Escorial Palace of King Philip of Spain and are now settled in Tasmania and Australia.

Escorial fabric was used as currency of gift among royalty over the centuries. Today, the Mahgreb sheep continues to be a pure breed and each animal is officially registered and has directly descended from the flocks kept at the El Escorial Palace.
Proudly introducing the fabric for the first time in India, Mr. Arvind Gupta – COO, Reid and Taylor India said, “Escorial has dressed royalty, presidents and movie stars around the globe and Reid & Taylor is happy to bring to our patrons who truly value rarity and luxury this exclusive natural fabric that is backed by our ultimate style.”  

Escorial fabric is available through select Reid & Taylor stores across India. Escorial suit lengths of 3.25 meters made from Escorial Wool 12.1 micron are priced at Rs. 6, 00,000/- per suit length while Escorial suit lengths of 3.25 meters made from Escorial Wool 16 Micron are priced at Rs. 3, 20,000/- per suit length.



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